Scala: links

Functional programming

Building a Scala Sequence in a Functional Style


Which shoe fits you? Comparing Akka Streams, Actors, and Plain Futures

Scala – Execution Order when Mapping Over Twitter Futures


To trait, or not to trait?
Scala traits implementation and interoperability. Part I: Basics
Scala traits implementation and interoperability. Part II: Traits linearization
Scala Trait and Mixin – Points to Remember
Is Traits in Scala an Interface or an Abstract Class?

Sealed traits

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sealed Traits in Scala
More on Sealed Traits in Scala
Sealed Traits & Functions Referencing Sub-classes?

Typesafe Config

Configuration library for JVM languages
Typesafe Config Features and Example Usage
Environment aware configuration with Typesafe Config



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